The 4 Partners group consists of three companies with many years of experience in the field of transport and forwarding

4 Partners Poland, 4 Partners GmbH and 4 Partners Investments. We operate all over Europe, with a particular focus on the European Union countries.

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Fully professional

Our customer service is the nicest one you can get

Already for 14 years on the market

Extensive experience

High quality

Meeting the customer's requirements

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Carrier's Liability Insurance up to EUR 300,000

All of the goods we transport are covered by a Carrier's Liability Insurance up to EUR 300,000.

The carrier's liability insurance covers any indemnifiable accident. In case of expensive or particularly valuable cargo, we offer additional cargo insurance.

The vehicles we use are equipped with GPS, which allows to constantly monitor their position and be in direct contact with the driver.

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Number of vehicles
Carrier's Liability Insurance
300000 EUR
Number of shipments / year
Warehouse operations

Why cooperate with 4Partners?

Dozens of companies representing various industries and sectors of the economy have trusted us so far. Our strengths are reliability and extensive experience, as well as - what is particularly important in transport - the safety and promptness of the supplies.

Our customers also appreciate our professionalism and the dedication of our employees, as well as the high quality of service.

To sum up, the 4Partners Group is a combination of experienced managerial staff with a young and dynamic team.

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